Dr. TTEGA+27655652367 is a qualified OBSTETRICIAN and GYNAECOLOGIST and holds specialist registration with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) Dr. TTEGA provides a termination of pregnancy service up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. You have the option of surgical abortion or medical abortion. Dr. TTEGA offers medical abortions, where pills only are used. There is no surgical procedure or hospitalization. The abortion pills are cost-effective and allow a more natural and private experience. This is ideal for pregnancies . Dr TTEGA uses the genuine original abortion pill, MIFEGYNE AND CYCOTEC, which is the only licenced and legal name in South Africa. {dr ttega) WOMEN’S CLINIC IN, SOUTH AFRICA PILLS FOR SALE ABORTION, SAME DAY SAFE AND PAIN FREE TERMINATION WE USE APPROVED PILLS AND WE CLEAN THE WOMB AFTER TERMINATION (ABORTION PILLS FOR SALE ) WE USE SAFE & TRUSTED PILLS. WE ALSO DELIVER OUR SERVICES WERE YOU ARE OR CONTACT OUR CLINICS we give discount 50% off discount +
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